Lunches and evening meals

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Lunches and evening meals

Our table d'hôte menus for lunch and dinner offer a unique selection of delectable and refined appetizers, main dishes and desserts. Add a second dish for just $5/person. A minimum of 30 people is required. 

Table d’hôte for lunch: From $50/person
Including one appetizer, one main dish and one dessert
Add $18.50/person for food and wine pairing (2 wines served)

Table d’hôtel for dinner: From $60/person
Including two appetizers, one main dish and one dessert
Add $24.50/person for food and wine pairing


  • Chicken liver mousse, cranberry jelly, marinated cranberries, toasted brioche and apple
    Chardonnay, Ravenswood
  • Northern shrimp, dill aïoli, fennel, cucumber, crusty bread
    Riesling, Leon Beyer 
  • Jerusalem artichoke soup, savory oil, mushrooms
    Pinot Noir, Inniskillin
  • Beet salad, kale chips, smoked pecans and blue honeysuckle jelly
    Riesling, Leon Beyer 
  • Epigram of lamb, sour cream with seaweed, marinated mustard seed, Brussels sprout leaves
    Barbera d’Asti, Le Orme, Michele Chiarlo
  • Pressed Quebec foie gras, apple, cranberry and toasted brioche (+$8)
    Rosé, Château Taillefer Lafon
  • Princess scallops, sea buckthorn, carrot mignonette and micro cilantro shoots (+$8)
    Veneto, Pinot Grigio, Ruffino Lumina


  • Roasted bison, black garlic puree, potatoes, oyster mushrooms, green alder pepper sauce
    Bordeaux supérieur, Château Saint-Antoine
  • Black-beer-braised Quebec short ribs, Nantes carrot, topped with a bourguignonne sauce
    Zinfandel, Ravenswood
  • Chicken breast, caramelized onion puree, pan-seared polenta, buttered cabbage and chicken gravy with cow parsnips
    Pinot Noir, Inniskillin
  • Pan-seared Arctic char, beet soubise sauce, fennel, citrus fruit and herbs
    Riesling, Leon Beyer 
  • 3-hour roasted tomatoes, field peas, naked oat salad, and sunflower seed crisp
    Barbera d’Asti, Le Orme, Michele Chiarlo
  • Pan-seared sablefish, honey mushrooms, Jerusalem artichoke, watercress, hazelnut butter and ox-eye daisy capers (+$5)
    Chardonnay, Ravenswood


  • Maple religieuse éclair, pecan bark, maple caramel, sweet clover ice cream
  • Beet and red berry cheesecake (raspberry sorbet) 
  • Tarte Tatin on shortbread, vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce
  • Seasonal dessert
  • Soft chocolate cake, sponge taffy ice cream, buckwheat crumble, yogurt jelly 
  • Coffee, tea and herbal tea

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