Eco-conscious commitment

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Eco-conscious commitment

As a member of Canada's Green Key program, as well as a holder of Bienvenue cyclistes! certification, the Hôtel de l’Institut continually improves its supply procedures in order to provide its guests with top-notch products and services while reducing the negative environmental impacts of its activities.

Overview of our commitment to sustainable development

  • Reduce waste at the source (no disposable products)
  • Compost residual materials
  • Buy local
  • Recycle (paper, plastics, glass and metal)
  • Greenhouse gas emissions calculation
  • Menus based on organic products (available on request)
  • Daily recovery of surplus food for Montréal's Maison du Père

An eco-conscious approach to using our meetings and events packages!

  • Send your invitations and registration forms by e-mail along with any meeting-related documents.
  • If you must print out documents, print on both sides of sheets.
  • Print out name tags on recycled paper and recover them after the meeting for reuse or recycling.
  • Encourage people to use public transit by providing your guests with practical information such as the nearest Metro station, bus routes to the location, nearby Bixi stations, etc.
  • Schedule your meeting so guests can use public transit to travel to and from the location.