Eco-conscious commitment

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Eco-conscious commitment

As a member of the Canadian Green Key Global program and with its Bienvenue cyclistes! certification, the Hôtel de l’ITHQ is constantly improving its procurement process to provide quality products and services to guests while protecting the environment.

Overview of our sustainable development commitment:

  • Reduce waste at the source
  • Recycle (paper, plastic, glass and metal)
  • Compost residual materials
  • Buy local
  • Member of Aliments du Québec au Menu and Ocean Wise, recognition programs for restaurants that promote local Quebec products and sustainable seafood choices
  • Surplus food recovered every day and sent to Montreal’s Maison du Père

Here are some tips to make your event even more eco-conscious:

  • Send your invitations, registration forms and meeting-related documents by email.
  • If you have to print documents, print them double-sided.
  • Print name tags on recycled paper and pick up all name tags at the end of the meeting to reuse or recycle them.
  • Encourage people to use public transit by providing useful information, such as the nearest metro station, bus routes to the meeting location, or nearby Bixi stations.
  • Schedule meetings so that people can use public transit to get there and back.