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Travel professionals

New requirements for personnel

Since July of 2012, all travel agency professionals in Québec must pass an exam in order to work in their field. The Centre d’expertise has devised a manual containing all the necessary information for passing the exam and obtaining the Travel Counsellor and Manager Certification from the Office de la protection du consommateur ( OPC), the Office responsible for ensuring application of the Travel Agents Act.

Indispensable tools for the OPC's exam

The Centre d'expertise offers travel professionals complementary tools (optional) enabling them to better prepare for the OPC’s exam.

  • Manual : The publication, Laws and Regulations Applicable to the Travel Industry: Textbook for Travel Professionals, responds perfectly to current industry demands, by assembling all necessary information on the legislation and regulations of the economic sector, and on managing a travel agency. It can be downloaded free of charge Fichier pdf (19.5 MB). This third edition of the textbook includes information on the laws and regulations in force as of January 1st, 2019.
  • Exam simulator (in French only) : A pre-exam enabling candidates to practise and ensure that they have acquired the necessary knowledge to pass the exam
    Cost: $25


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The Centre d'expertise is responsible for administering exams for obtaining certificates from the OPC.

Travel counsellors and managers of travel agencies will receive different exam versions.

For travel counsellors
The exam consists of 35 questions. To earn the passing grade of 65%, 23 of the questions must be correctly answered.
Cost: $57 (taxes extra)

For travel agency managers
The exam consists of 50 questions. To earn the passing grade of 70%, 35 of the questions must be correctly answered.
Cost: $75 (taxes extra)

Results will be available 10 days after the exam, on participants’ ITHQ accounts.

Exam schedule (in French only)

Registration for exams must be done on-line. No registrations will be accepted via e-mail or phone.

Exam Result
To  view exam results login with your user id (CCV number) and password.

Results will be posted within 10 days of writing the exam.

Certificates are delivered by the Office de la protection du consommateur.

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