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An inspiring mission

To promote the expansion and outreach of the tourism, hotel and restaurant industry, while helping build enduring skills and competencies by developing personalized training, carrying out research projects and disseminating knowledge.

Recognized know-how and profitable activities

An uncontested reference in the industry, the CER offers accessible and personalized hospitality and food service management services, in addition to flexible accompaniment for making successful shifts towards healthier choices. It has become an industry leader, as a result of its various initiatives in the realm of healthy eating, and personalized entrepreneurship support services, offered to ITHQ students and graduates interested in launching businesses. All of these activities translate into concrete profitable results. 

The ITHQ has accumulated a large pool of  professors and chefs, offering solid knowledge, skills and field experience, and enabling the CER to constantly expand and refine its expertise. The CER then promptly shares the know-how of its educators with the ITHQ student body and the industry at large!

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