Anglais des affaires 1 ou 2

Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec.

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Anglais des affaires

This business English course for advanced ESL students introduces business communication skills used in the field of tourism. Activities focus on communicating in the workplace and discussing industry-relevant topics. The course will strive to help students master the use of correct, concise, complete, and courteous business writing.

Students will learn business writing principles and techniques and apply them to typical business correspondence. Students will compose, edit, and revise documents on a computer, in class, within prescribed time limits. Students will also work on complementary language practice activities, which include a review of grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics.

In addition, students will listen to, watch, read, and discuss authentic documents related to the tourism industry. The use of English during class as well as two business-related simulations (business meeting and job interview) will provide students with added practice in attaining professional, oral fluency in their second language.